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    5 Eco Friendly Office Products to Celebrate Earth Day

    Sustainability 4.22.2013 Sara Scott

    Happy Earth Day! Today, many companies and organizations celebrate the Earth by raising awareness about the environmental impact that result from our daily activities. This can be through planned celebrations, educational seminars or even encouragement to make purchases with the earth in mind. Here are five eco-friendly packaging and office products that can help reduce your environmental footprint in celebration of Earth Day.

    100% Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Box | PrattPlus.com 1. 100% Recycled Boxes: These strong, durable, 100% recycled corrugated boxes are ideal for packing, shipping, and storing. Direct from the mill, our extensive inventory of corrugated cardboard boxes is made available through Pratt Industries’ network of divisions consisting of recycling, paper mills, converting and corrugating. We “close the loop,” so that you can rest assure that you’re buying the most environmentally responsible packaging for your home or business.

    Marcal Small Steps Paper Towels | PrattPlus.com2. 100% Recycled Paper Towels: Made from 100% recycled paper, Marcal® Small Steps® 100% Premium Recycled Giant Roll Towels offer U-Size-It™ perforations for your choice of full or half sheet. These two-ply paper towels are absorbent and virtually lint-free with no chlorine, dyes or fragrances.

    Corrugated Plastic Can Recycler | PrattPlus.com 3. Corrugated Plastic Can Recycler: Made from 100% recycled materials, this corrugated plastic can recycler can be placed in any location to encourage the recycling of aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Visit the Recycling Division for Recycling Programs near you.

    Ecofriendly Hot Drink Cups | PrattPlus.com4. Eco-Products® World Art™Renewable Resource Hot Drink Cups: These hot drink cups are lined with compostable, corn plastic (PLA) — which means you get an eco-friendly hot cup made with renewables.

    EarthChoice Office Paper | PrattPlus.com5. Domtar EarthChoice® Office Paper: An environmentally-responsible choice—this is the first everyday multifunction office paper in North America to meet the global standards of FSC and is supported by Rainforest Alliance. This certification provides assurance that the fiber comes from forests that are managed to protect biodiversity. In addition, this eco-friendly copy paper offers curl control which means jam-free performance and less downtime and is acid-free and elemental chlorine-free.

    You may have noticed that all of our suggested products for Earth Day are paper products. Pratt Industries mission to provide the industry’s best packaging solutions begins with our three 100% recycled paper mills – the most innovative and modern containerboard system in North America. Through our recycling efforts, 51,000 trees are saved daily. That’s enough to cover 40 football fields!

    About Pratt Industries and Sustainability

    Sustainability has always been the cornerstone of the culture at Pratt Industries. A measurement for a corporation’s success in the 1970s was solely economic success – Profit. In 1987, the United Nations established the World Commission on Environment and Development and two additional measurements of corporate success and longevity were added – People and Planet. That decision led to what is now known as the Triple Bottom Line – Sustainability = People,PlanetProfit.

    Pratt Industries, which was born into a family heritage of sustainability and sustainable packaging, has been at the forefront of the Triple Bottom Line for decades.

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