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    Creative Uses of Duct Tape

    General Chatter 5.16.2013 Sara Scott

    It’s common knowledge that the applications for duct tape are endless. From serving as a temporary auto fix or as carton sealing tape to using it for its intended purpose of sealing duct work connections, duct tape can adhere to almost any surface. In fact Duct Tape is one of the most universally used pressure sensitive adhesives. But, who knew that it could also be used as a creative decorating tool? Check out the following images that show pretty creative uses of duct tape:

    Duct tape prom dresses and suits were hot this year and oh so fashionable!

    From Babble.com

    From Babble.com

    These duct taped Converse are pretty cool and entirely original.

     Duct Tape Shoes

    From TheRepoWoman.com

    We love packaging and nothing beats using duct tape to fashion a large red bow on a gift package, PLUS it holds the box together…simply genius!

    Duct Tape Ribbon for Gift

    From TheSweetestOccasion.com

    Duct Tape Ironman costume…need we say more?!

    Duct Tape Ironman Costume

    From Craftster.org

    Here’s a functional duct tape craft, use patterned duct tape to cover a corrugated box to make an upcycled storage box worthy of an open shelf!

    Duct Tape Storage Box

    From DIY Home Sweet Home (diyhshp.blogspot.ca)

    Want to see more duct tape crafts and creative projects like duct tape purses and duct tape home improvement projects? Visit our Pinterest board: Duct Tape and Its Many Uses!  Better yet, if you have a craft made from duct tape that you’d like to share, please tag us in the description (@PrattPlus), and we’ll pin it to our board!

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