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    Bubble Wrap: Essential Protective Packaging

    Get Informed 10.14.2014 Sara Scott

    Bubble Roll | Packaging | Pratt Plus

    Bubble wrap is an adaptable packaging material ideal for protecting vulnerable surfaces and delicate items. Although it may seem that using air bubble wrap is a simple affair, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into account before wrapping your precious pieces of china, glassware, and large furniture.

    General Guidelines for Using Bubble Wrap

    When used as cushioning and protective packaging, the bubbles of the wrap must be placed on the inside next to the item being packed – a protective layer of kraft paper in between is suggested for leather and cloth items. The use of tape with bubble wrap is optional, but it will make the wrap more secure. Bubble wrap tends to leave impressions on glass or china items, so always wrap them in paper before using the bubble wrap.

    What to Pack in Bubble Wrap

    Common objects packed in bubble wrap include:

    • Furniture: Wrap whole pieces of wood furniture in bubble wrap. Tape the bubble wrap closed, making sure that the tape does not affix to the wood, where it may leave sticky residue. Please note, if wrapping leather or cloth be sure to add a protective layer of kraft paper or use a furniture cover before wrapping in bubble.
    • Large glass items: Glass doors, table-tops, shelves, and mirrors are particularly vulnerable when it comes to moving, as they are fragile and expensive to replace. First, carefully wrap them in Kraft paper. Next, enclose the paper-covered glass items in bubble wrap, taping all open edges so they are secure.
    • Vases, cups, mugs, jugs: These articles should be pre-wrapped in packing paper such as white newsprint. Place crumpled packing paper inside each item and a little bubble wrap between the handle and body of the receptacle. Put each piece face-up on the bubble wrap and fold the bubble wrap over it, tucking the ends into the open mouth of the item.
    • Plates: Use foam sheets for china, pottery, and ceramic plates to protect against scratches. Place a foam sheet between each plate and then enclose in bubble wrap.
    • Glassware: Wine glasses, tumblers, and goblets are extremely delicate and need special packing. Wrap them in newsprint and bubble wrap, and separate each glass with sheets of foam.
    • Electronics: Because these items are susceptible to static, it is essential to use anti-static bubble wrap and foam to package them. Wrap them tightly in the packaging and tape it closed.

    Using Fill with Bubble Wrap

    Once the wrapped items are placed into packing boxes, fill the remaining space with packing peanuts, ExpandOS™, kraft paper or newsprint or fill packaging. Seal the boxes and label them “Fragile” once completed. Be sure to recycle your moving supplies once you’ve finished with them.

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