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    The latest in packaging, shipping, and corrugated cardboard boxes. We provide small business with the how-to for keeping business-thinking inside and outside the box!

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    Packaging Choices That Reduce Shipping Costs

    Sustainability 6.27.2013 Sara Scott
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    Ever receive a huge box at your door, only to find that the item inside is a fraction of the size and buried in 10 gallons of packing fill?  This is a common mistake many retailers make – using shipping containers that are much too large for the product being packaged or going overboard with...

    How to Green Your Shipping Supplies

    Sustainability 5.29.2013 Sara Scott
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    Pratt Industries, the parent company to Pratt Plus, was recently featured in a section of Fortune magazine highlighting the Future of Sustainable Packaging.  Buying our boxes, made from 100% recycled materials, is a great first step to greening your shipping supplies. However, what about the other packing materials such as package cushioning and loose fill that...


    5 Eco Friendly Office Products to Celebrate Earth Day

    Sustainability 4.22.2013 Sara Scott
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    Happy Earth Day! Today, many companies and organizations celebrate the Earth by raising awareness about the environmental impact that result from our daily activities. This can be through planned celebrations, educational seminars or even encouragement to make purchases with the earth in mind. Here are five eco-friendly packaging and office products that can help reduce...

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