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    How to Green Your Shipping Supplies

    Sustainability 5.29.2013 Sara Scott

    Green Packaging | Eco Friendly PackagingPratt Industries, the parent company to Pratt Plus, was recently featured in a section of Fortune magazine highlighting the Future of Sustainable Packaging.Buying our boxes, made from 100% recycled materials, is a great first step to greening your shipping supplies. However, what about the other packing materials such as package cushioning and loose fill that are necessary to protect an item during shipment?

    • One way to utilize a more sustainable approach when shipping goods, is to make sure you’re using materials that are 100% recycled, like our 100% recycled corrugated boxes
    • Ensuring that your packaging materials are recyclable  is another eco-friendly method for greening your product shipping process. This helps to close the loop so that materials can be reused, thereby reducing waste. Our bubble cushion is free of mixed materials such as nylon and is therefore classified as #4 recyclable after use.
    • Biodegradable packaging fill is also a great way to green your packaging. Instead of styrofoam packaging peanuts opt for the more eco-friendly biodegradable packing peanuts to protect your more fragile items during shipment.

    If you’re looking for ways to make your business operate more sustainably, greening your packaging supplies is a great start. This will not only make a good first impression for your customers but also help contribute to your triple bottom line of  Sustainability = PeoplePlanetProfit.

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