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    How To Package and Ship Perishables During Summer Months

    How To's 5.07.2014 Sara Scott

    Shipping Perishables | Summer Shipping | PackagingSummer shipping season is almost here and with it comes the added challenge of packaging items to successfully withstand hot temperatures. The packaging choices you make will determine whether meltable and perishable items arrive in tact and consumer-ready. The following packaging tips will help ensure shipping success when sending temperature-sensitive items during hot summer months.

    Label as Perishable and Time Sensitive: Use labels to indicate that the contents of the package need to be temperature controlled. This will advise anyone who handles the package that the contents are perishable in nature and should be treated accordingly.

    Insulate Protective Packaging: Our 100% recycled, corrugated boxes are ideal for protecting items during shipment. However, when sending perishable items, it’s important to add insulation inserts that can better control the temperature of the box contents. Pratt Thermal Liners are ideal for this purpose and come sized to complement our wide variety of box sizes.

    Include Gel Coolants: Cold packs in conjunction with insulated shippers are great options for transporting items that need to stay cooler. Gel refrigerant packs provide reliable refrigeration for safe transport of your perishable items without leaks or spills which can contaminate your product. Pratt’s 16 oz gel packs are enclosed in a durable polyethylene film with a multi-layered exterior that minimizes surface condensation. This not only protects products from moisture damage, but also assures products arrive in top condition by absorbing condensation.

    Use Expedited Shipping Service and Advise Consumers to Sign for Delivery: Be sure to ship perishable items as next day delivery to ensure the product remains in a temperature controlled setting. In addition, advise the recipient to sign for delivery so the product can be immediately brought into a temperature controlled environment instead of sitting out in the heat waiting to be picked up.

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