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    The latest in packaging, shipping, and corrugated cardboard boxes. We provide small business with the how-to for keeping business-thinking inside and outside the box!

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    Bubble Wrap: Essential Protective Packaging

    Get Informed 10.14.2014 Sara Scott
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    Bubble wrap is an adaptable packaging material ideal for protecting vulnerable surfaces and delicate items. Although it may seem that using air bubble wrap is a simple affair, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into account before wrapping your precious pieces of china, glassware, and large furniture. General Guidelines for Using Bubble Wrap When used...

    How to: 3 Steps to Protecting a Packaged Item

    How To's 4.10.2013 Sara Scott
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    The most important role of packaging is to protect the contained items to ensure that there is no damage during transport. There are three primary steps you need to take in order to adequately protect your packaged items. 1. Select Quality Cartons: It is imperative that you select the right size, high quality corrugated boxes,...

    Product Spotlight: Package Cushioning

    Product Spotlight 3.04.2013 Sara Scott
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    Package cushioning is critical to ensure that a packed item arrives at its destination in tact. Pratt Plus offers several options when it comes to protecting packaged contents. Our cushioning products stabilize items to prevent damage during movement. They are not only effective protection but also can be eco-friendly through their recycled and/or renewable qualities! Bubble Roll:...

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