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    Top Products That Facilitate Recycling at Home or In the Office

    Product Spotlight 4.30.2014 Sara Scott

    Recycling Bins | Recycling Supplies | PrattPlus.comStarting a recycling program – whether at home or at work – doesn’t have to be difficult or take much effort. Often, once the right recycling supplies and knowledge are in place, people will automatically go through the motions. Most people want to help the economy and the environment by throwing out less trash, but don’t because it seems so difficult. Change their minds by purchasing the perfect recycling supplies.

    Green living doesn’t have to be one size fits all. In fact, the most successful programs seem familiar to the people using them. Methods aren’t complicated. Supplies don’t stand out. They blend in with the environment, and therefore, using them becomes a natural part of people’s routines.

    Recycling Bins and Containers
    These days, products such as indoor recyclable sorting bins come in a wide variety of choices. Minimalist designs in trendy colors work wonders when you want to recycle more at home. The designs encourage others to use the bins, instead of just throwing things in the garbage.

    If your city doesn’t provide containers for recyclables, or if you need an extra or replacement unit, there are plenty of sturdy, weather-resistant outdoor bins to choose from. Clear recycled garbage bags can be found for receptacles of all sizes, too.

    The style of supplies needed for an office recycling program may differ significantly from what you have at home. Even the types of containers you use from one department to the next can be starkly different from one another. Small steel containers separating waste from recyclable goods may blend seamlessly with executive office decor, while a traditional cardboard can and bottle collector is a perfect fit in your production-area break room.

    Recycling Products that Encourage Recycling
    The key to successfully instituting a recycling program at home or at work depends on making the steps toward change as easy as possible.

    Use convenient recycling label kits to help teach people how to sort items and to help ensure that the right types of waste wind up in the right bins for pick-up.

    Organize supplies in a way that makes them convenient to use. For example, store kits used for disposing batteries or fluorescent lights in the same area as battery and bulb replacements. This will help remind people to recycle the used items instead of throwing them away.

    Establishing a recycling method will benefit your home or business all year. Simply put the right tools and reminders in place. Help people feel comfortable with recycling, and make it easy to do. With little effort, you’ll find your home or business will start decreasing your waste output in no time.

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