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    Bundling with Stretch Wrap Film, Poly Strapping, and Edge & Corner Protectors

    Pratt Plus carries a variety of bundling supplies such as poly strapping and plastic stretch wrap, which are ideal for securing and combining items into bundles. Pratt Plus not only offers bundling wrap, but also a variety of strapping equipment and bundling tools for a complete packaging solution for packing products. Using stretch wrap film and other bundling products can help improve the stability of goods and packages, allowing for more efficient handling and protection from dust, moisture or tampering.

    Stretch Wrap Film, Poly Strapping, and Edge Protectors Shop All Bundling

    Bundling Usage

    • Stretch Wrap

      Stretch film is available on rolls with various thicknesses ranging from 63 gauge cast stretch wrap to 120 gauge stretch wrap and can wrap tightly around a pallet of products with up to a 600 lb tensile strength. Pratt Plus not only offers clear bundling cast stretch wrap, but also colored stretch wrap in blue, black, green, red, yellow, and opaque.

    • Strapping

      Polypropylene hand strapping is a durable solution for your bundling needs. Pratt Plus is proud to carry PolyChem®, a popular brand of hand strapping. Hand grade strapping and Machine grade strapping is available for semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines.

    • Edge & Corner Protector

      Edge & corner protectors are important to use with strapping to ensure that the box or package does not get damaged by the strapping. Pratt Edge & Corner Protectors provide support for double-stacked units and reduces load shifting.

    • Bundling Tool

      Strapping sealers, plastic strapping tensioners and strapping carts are important tools when using machine grade strapping.

    • Seal and Buckle

      We carry PolyChem metal seals for hand strapper SL12USPP as well as metal buckles used with polypropylene strapping for hand threading strapping as an economical and easy way to secure your loads. No tools needed!

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