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    Packing Tape and Carton Sealing Tape Guide

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    Carton Sealing Tape Guide

    • Acrylic vs. Hot Melt - Which Tape Should You Use?
      Comparison Chart: Acrylic vs Hot Melt by Application

      Acrylic packing tape is your best choice for storing boxes. Acrylic adhesive can handle a variety of temperatures and settings, including warehouses, garages and storage facilities. In addition, acrylic packaging tape can maintain its seal in excess of three years.


      Hot melt packing tape is preferred for shipping boxes because of its superior holding power. Shipping boxes are typically subjected to rough handling in transit, but a hot melt tape will ensure your boxes remain sealed.

    • Which MIL Should You Use?
      MIL Chart: Tape MIL by Box Size and Package Weight

      Packing tapes generally have two applications: sealing storage boxes and sealing shipping boxes. There are three factors to consider when choosing your packaging tape:

      Application: storage and shipping boxes require different types of tape adhesives.

      Package weight: heavier packages require thicker tapes.

      Tape dispenser size: your packaging tape roll needs to be the right size for your dispenser.

    Electrical Tape Guide

    • Color
    • Black
      Insulation, Low Voltage, phase A
    • Red
      Low Voltage, phase B
    • Blue
      Low Voltage, phase C
    • Brown
      High Voltage, phase A
    • Orange
      High Voltage, phase B
    • Yellow
      High Voltage, phase C
    • Green
      Earth Ground
    • Green w/ Yellow Stripe
      Isolated Ground
    • Grey
      Low Voltage, neutral: High Voltage, neutral
    • White
      Low Voltage, neutral: High Voltage, neutral

    Traditional black electrical tape is used for most insulation purposes. The table to the left describes a common – but non universal – means of marking lines by color.

    Electrical Tape
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