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    How We Can Help You

    With a full time staff of dedicated packaging analysis, engineers and designers, Pratt Industries’ Innovation & Technical Support Centers offer a world class level of integrated expertise across all levels of corrugated packaging.

    The Centers can help your business enhance profitability in many ways including: increasing packaging efficiency, reducing logistics costs, simulating packaging performance through the supply chain, testing package reliability, boosting strength and product protection.

    A team of highly qualified engineers and technicians are employed at the Center and to insure these professionals have access to the latest industry technology, the facility maintains close relationships with several industry organizations including Technical Association of the Paper Products Industry (TAPPI), Institute of Paper Science and Technology at Georgia Tech (IPST), Fibre Box Association (FBA), Radio Frequency Identification Journal Group (RFID), International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

    To make Pratt Plus your product testing specialist, browse below or contact one of our test lab specialists at 678-210-2830.

    For any questions from customers regarding Amazon information Please refer to your enrollment in Vendor/Seller Central for details.

    Self-Storage Business Products

    Fragile Testing - Level One Certification

    Fragiles and Liquids (Requires 5 samples for testing)

    Fragile Testing determines effectivness of your packaging to cushion products and isolate fragile items from shocks that occur during transit.

    Items that can easily break and/or leak in transport.

    Unpacked electronics easily damanged when dropped from heights of 18" or higher.

    All items must successfully pass 9 drop tests, 2 hours of vibration tests, an additional 8 drop tests and, if applicable, an 8 hour horizontal leak test.

    Price: $900.00

    Non-Fragile Testing - Level Two Certification

    Non-Fragile Testing determines effectiveness of your packaging to protect products during transit and ensure their safe arrival during shipping.

    Non-Fragiles (Requires 1 sample for testing)

    Items that are not easily breakable, crackable, or chippable.

    Non-fluid products.

    Can be flat mailer packed, or packed in a box.

    Item must pass a series of 17 drop tests, with 2 from a height of 36".

    Price: $450.00

    Packaging Design Support

    Whether you are looking for SIOC, PFP, OverBox and/or FFP packaging certifications we can help!

    Developing eCom and certification compliant packaging is one of our key functions, so rest assured the packaging designed for your product(s) will perform to the levels expected in parcel distribution and Amazon certifiable applications.

    Just click on Details to get started on your new packaging design!

    Price: $250.00


    *No Hazardous Materials are to be shipped.

    *All Product must be shipped to Lab overpacked. If supplies are needed click here to purchase.

    *Product must arrive to Lab intact. If not received in this manner, testing will not be provided.

    *Items received damaged will not be tested, if you wish to have the damaged item(s) returned, you are responsible for arranging return shipment.

    *Testing will take approximately 2 weeks to complete.

    *Passing test results will need to be shared with Amazon for certification.

    *Failed results will not be shared with Amazon.

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